Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work in Progress

Hi! Today I have been working on assembling a lot of those odd blocks of mine into a top. Some of them are paper pieced but most are just pieced as normal. Also, some of them are string pieced. Some of the designs I created myself, and those are the ones I am most proud of. The star string pieced block is Bonnie Hunter's Spiderweb quilt. I wanted to create a whole quilt out of those blocks but I ran out of the green plaid and a friend had given it to me... no way to track down more of it. So I ended up with about two blocks nagging at me. Most of the blocks, though, are ones that I just was testing a pattern and I decided not to make a whole quilt of them but I just couldn't toss them out. This is actually just laid out on my floor, though, not actually sewn so it's not really finished. I know all of you out there reading this have plenty of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) so I encourage you to assemble them into a top and get them out of your way!

Here you see the pieces that I am about to assemble into a nine patch. I am just working on random things right about now and these pics are from about a week ago...

And here is the finished nine patch! I really like the way this turned out and am probably going to do something with it... not quite sure what yet though!

Another thing I need to do next time I go to the store is get some piecing thread... I don't have any! I am most likely going to resort to drastic measures... hand piecing with the thread out of my sewing kit! lol! Also, if any of you have any ideas on how I could sell quilts to make some extra money, that would be most helpful. I want to be able to sell quilts so that I can buy more fabric! I don't really have all that much... well, I guess I'll post some more tomorrow. See ya!


  1. You always blow me away with your creative spirit...thanks for sharing your work with us, it serves as an inspiration to us all!

  2. I love that Spiderman Hand in the collage!! how cool!

    that nine-patch is so bright and awesome! maybe you could do a whole quilt in them? scrappy or not?

    love all your stitches!

  3. I like to test out blocks before I commit to an entire quilt also. It's a good idea to make a top out of all of them. Better than letting them collect dust and take up room in some drawer somewhere.

    Take a look at ArtFire for selling quilts online. They have a mini membership that is free. There are no listing costs and no costs once you sell an item.

    It might be a better idea to find somewhere local to sell them though. It's tough to sell quilts online. I think most people like to see and touch the quilts. Baby quilts are usually a big seller around here. Maybe put up a poster at the local grocery store, library, etc. You can also sell things directly from your blog.