Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sorry that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but coffee got in the keyboard. Thankfully it just needed to dry out and now it's working as if nothing had ever happened. So today I didn't get much of any quilting done today, but tomorrow I should have another tutorial for you. Thank you so much for all of the awesome comments on my posts and I really appreciate all of you encouraging me like that!

So my Mom's friend Leah, is going to adopt a little baby boy and is working at raising enough money to adopt him. His due date is on the 8th of September and they just found out on Wednesday that they were going to be allowed to adopt him. They are going to be selling T-shirts and accepting donations on their blog at so be sure to head on over there to become a follower of her blog!!!

Okay... now please please please give me an honest opinion on this, because I want this blog to be something for all of you to enjoy as well as something I enjoy creating. Tell me, honestly, what you want to see on this blog. All you people out there reading this but not wanting to post a comment... post away! Don't be embarrassed about saying what you want to see... I am now asking you to! I don't care if you follow my blog or not. Just DO IT!!! Tell me what kind of tutorials you want to see, give suggestions for patterns, talk about certain techniques... I REALLY want to know! If I don't know what it is, I'll find out and try it. I'm always looking for inspiration so please! Also, make sure to tell me what you are always looking for in quilting blogs. I will post something similar to this once a week, so you will be forced to get it all out! lol! Okay now just comment! Please!


  1. Jordan, any words that come from your heart and techniques you love and want to share are all any of us can hope to see. When your blogging is a genuine part of who you are and when the tutorials you share are things you love to do then that comes across to all of us who follow you. So just follow your heart...

  2. Hi I'm not the best but I have to say I'm followering you and will be interested in anything at all. Keep up the great work and just enjoy.

  3. I am interested in sending you some scrap fabrics.. please send and email to me though my blog post email... thanks

  4. What I am enjoying so far on your blog is your enthusiasm! I also enjoy your writing style. You write like you are talking to us. You use good grammar, especially for someone your age, which I like. I don't like to read blogs in which the writer misspells a lot of words, uses awkward phrasing or a lot of different fonts and colors in the same post.

    I also enjoy quilting blogs with lots of pictures. I like seeing the sewing area/room, stash and projects, the machine- pretty much any sewing related pictures. I like pictures of color groupings- like say, a blue dish and a red apple- that would be pretty in a quilt. (I have a green Depression glass dish that I fill with raspberries every harvest season just because it looks so pretty. I always say I will make a quilt with those colors in it someday.)

    One thing I would caution you against is putting your full name/location on your blog. I think you would be better off with just your first name and your state. The internet is a big place and some people out there are not so nice.

  5. I just recently found your blog but like it very much. Your writing style is fun and easy to follow. I love that you a re a homeschooler since we homeschool also.

    Lots of pictures are always great on a quilting blog. I love to see how other quilters do different techniques. Doesn't matter if it's a new technique or an old one. Your way may not seem unique to you but it may be a way that I never thought of.

    One of my goals is to learn to hand quilt. Not that I would hand quilt many quilts, but it is a technique I would like to master.

    I also love hand embroidery.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Just post whatever you fancy at each time. I sure we enjoy watching your quilts and the different techniques you are using from time to time. I am starting my Dear Jane quilt too, just got the patterns on a CD and will start block #1 soon. Have you ever try disappearing nine patch? Is the most fun and fast pattern. You can google and watch some blogs that will teach you how to make them. Its fun because you can use any size of blocks. I found that using 5 to 6.5 inches squares pieces, you get the most dramatic effect of this technique. I have not display mine yet, if you like to see it let me know I will take a picture of the one I am finishing for our charity program.

  7. Jordan, the best part about your blog is your personality! you are absolutely charming, and your stitches are awesome. Pictures are always appreciated! visuals are the frosting on the cake. Have fun, you are doing great!